Bmw Most Wanted Cars 2011

Bmw Most Wanted Car 2011

Mercedes-makers do not leave any opportunity to make their car model class B look attractive to the younger generation. The new B-Class models come with three engine options - oil, gas and diesel. The petrol engine has the ability to produce an output of 122hp (B180) and 156hp (B200).

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The sale of the Mercedes B-Class has always been controversial in Thailand. He reported that in 2005 only 300 Class B Mercedes have been sold, making it clear that it is necessary to make the car more attractive to buyers.
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It was recommended that the new Class B NGT with technology should be built so that a flat tax could be levied on it.
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Although the changes made to the Mercedes Class B, Class steal all the attention. It 'been reported that sales of BMW 5 Series Sedan and X3 SUV has seen an increase of 6.5% last month.
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Lucrative sales last month helped to take advantage of BMW is the best-selling car in America. But sales of Mercedes had fallen to 1.9% and Lexus sales also fell by 7% lastmonth.