Saturday, 17 September 2011

BMW First Drive 2012 BMW 118i Car

BMW 118i Car

BMW launched its new 1 Series 5-door Hatch F20-
back in the city of art and the cosmopolitan city of 

Berlin, and is BMW live coverage of the site to bring our first impressions of driving the car. It's funny how it managed? One wonders what was behind the wheel?Approaching the new 118i Sport, bold lines, sense provoking. While most readers find the first images of new looks for polarization and in person, is another story. Among the international organization of journalists here, everyone seemed to have positive conclusions about the exterior design - including me. Frankly, it's hot at certain angles (compared to 3.4 for example) and cleaned from other angles, at worst. We will give a bit of style analysis, but first, let's cut to the chase: how new BMW 1 Series F20 do?\
Settling behind the wheel, you forget that there are 1-Series. The cottage has a clever design and luxurious - 
no doubt this is the most premium design segment. The driver's seat provides good support and I found the 
car to be spacious once inside the belt. Pressing the start button on my 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbo-4 in line, a 
surprising baritone exhaust note inside the filter.


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